Awarded Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2018

  • Herb and cheese bread
    Yarragon bakery focaccia bread toasted garlic butter, Italian herbs and melted cheese (v)
  • Garlic bread
    Yarragon bakery focaccia bread toasted with garlic butter (v)
  • Chicken & Ham Terrine
    house made and served with toasted ciabatta (gfo) (df)
  • Bruschetta
    cherry tomatoes, pickled red onion and ricotta (v)
  • Ploughman’s Plate
    selection of small goods and pickles with toasted ciabatta bread (gfo) (dfo)
  • Scallops
    pan seared scallops with cauliflower puree, currant and pine nut dressing (gf)
  • Prosciutto & rosemary pizza
    prosciutto, potato, black olive and provolone pizza
  • Garlic & cheese pizza
    fresh garlic, italian herbs and cheese (v)
  • Margherita pizza
    fresh garlic, italian herbs, tomato, cheese and basil oil (v)
  • Taste plate – Olives
    with fennel seed and mint, served warm with ciabatta (gfo) (df) (v)
  • Taste plate – Fritters
    Spiced corn fritters with aioli (gf) (v)
  • Taste plate – Grilled corn on the cob
    Served with aioli & lime (gf) (df) (v)
  • Taste plate – Arancini
    Saffron, mozzarella & pea arancini served with romesco (v)
  • Taste plate – Beef Croquettes
    traditional home-made, double crumbed beef croquettes served with seeded mustard aioli
  • Taste plate – Fried Chicken Wings
    Spice coated wings with a mild sriracha aioli
  • Platter of taste plates
    Choose three of the tastes above to create your own platter
  • Taste Plate – Sticky pork belly bites
    glazed pork belly and sesame (gf)
  • Fettuccine
    Prawns, mussels & scallops with tomato, candied chilli, rocket and parmesan
  • Pappardelle
    Slow cooked ham hock, toasted breadcrumbs and ricotta
  • Risotto
    Roasted pumpkin risotto topped with sauteed mushrooms and toasted pepitas (gf) (dfo) (v)
  • Fish and Chips
    Classic beer battered flathead fillets served with our chunky steakhouse chips, garden salad, lemon and housemade tartare sauce
  • Calamari
    Fried calamari served with wasabi aioli
  • Chicken Parmagiana
    House made chicken schnitzel topped with napoli sauce and provolone cheese, served with coleslaw and chips
  • Scotch fillet steak (300g) or Eye fillet steak (250g)
    Char grilled prime fillet of beef cooked to your liking served with Sicilian styled caponata and onion jam (gf) (df)
  • Sticky pork salad
    Vermicelli noodle salad with glazed pork belly, topped with candied peanuts (gf) (df)
  • Curry
    Thai styled green chicken curry served with vermicelli (gf) (df)
  • Lamb
    Slow braised lamb shoulder with potatoes, seasonal vegetables and fried sweetbreads (gfo) (dfo)
  • Salmon
    pan fried salmon fillet with chat potatoes, capsicum salsa and lemon caper butter (gf)
  • Brisket burger
    Pulled brisket burger with house made bbq sauce, radish, red onion, oak lettuce and steakhouse chips
  • Pumpkin & Peach Salad
    Warm salad of pumpkin, rocket, peach and pearl barley, served with toasted sunflower seeds and walnuts (df) (v)
  • Duck
    Confit duck legs served with roasted pumpkin, barley and a rocket and peach salad
  • Peach, orange and almond salad (v) (gf)
  • Garden Salad (v) (gf)
  • Mash Potato (v) (gf)
  • Steakhouse Chips (v)
  • Steamed Vegetables (v) (gf)
  • Garlic Seafood Sauce
    great as a topper for our steaks
  • Extras
    aioli ~ garlic butter ~ gravy ~ mushroom gravy ~ parmesan ~ peppercorn gravy ~ sweet chilli aioli ~ tartare sauce
  • Affogato
    A double shot of our locally roasted Swig Coffee served with vanilla ice cream
  • Affogato Deluxe
    As above but with the added indulgence of Amaretto, Frangelico or Baileys liqueur
  • Citrus Cake (gfo)
    flourless orange cake with chocolate ice-cream, filo pastry & orange custard, candied pistachios
  • Churros
    Spanish style doughnuts tossed in vanilla sugar with dark chocolate & passionfruit sauce, vanilla ice cream
  • Espresso brûlée (gf)
    classic brûlée flavoured with locally roasted Swig coffee, served with flourless hazelnut and chocolate torte
  • Belgian Waffles
    Belgian Waffles with blackberry coulis, house made yoghurt ice cream & candied almond flakes
  • Ice-cream (gf)
    3 scoops of plain vanilla ice cream with a choice of chocolate, caramel or strawberry topping
  • Garlic & Cheese
    Fresh Garlic, Double Cheese & Italian Herbs
  • Margherita
    Garlic, Fresh Tomato, Italian Herbs & Basil Oil
  • Supreme
    Ham, Mushroom, Salami, Capsicum & Onion
  • Aussie
    Ham & Egg
  • Hawaiian
    Ham & Pineapple
  • Vegetarian
    Mushroom, Capsicum, Pumpkin, Spinach & Onion
  • Capriciosa
    Ham, Mushroom, Olives, Onion & Anchovies
  • Gourmet Pizza
  • Meat Lovers
    Ham, Salami, Bacon, Onion & Bbq Sauce
  • Marinara
    House prepared marinara mix, Onion, Parsley & lemon
  • Greek
    Lamb Yiros, Mushroom, Onion, Capsicum & Olives, Topped With Garlic Tzatziki & Rocket
  • Bbq Chicken
    Roast Chicken, Mushroom, Capsicum, Onion, Pineapple & Bbq Sauce
  • Satay Chicken
    Roast Chicken, Onion, Capsicum & Thai Satay Sauce
  • The Lot
    Ham, Salami, Olives, Capsicum, Onion, Mushroom, Pineapple & Anchovies
  • Hot ‘N Fiery
    Hot Salami, Capsicum, Onion, Jalapenos, Sweet Chilli, Tabasco & Candied Chilli
  • Prawnstar
    Tiger Prawns, Pumpkin, Onion, Capsicum, Candied Chilli, Thai Satay & Coriander
All Pizzas Come With A Tomato And Cheese Base.